Veteran's M16A2

The M16A2 is a weapon for the Assault Class. It is a 3 rounds burst only weapon. It is very accurate and has low recoil, for the price of not being able to fire in full auto. Despite of this, it is still fairly accurate at close range when hip-fired.


It mainly depends in the range you hit your target from.

Short range: 25~29

Middle range: 23~27

Long range: 19~23


The M16A2's sights are bulkier than the other Assault Rifles, and having similar sights to the M249 SAW, covering larger portion of the screen. Despite that, the iron sights are extremely well designed, allowing the user to line up targets more easily than the M16A2's counter part, the AEK-971 which is very poorly designed.

Effective Ranges

It's extremely effective from mid to long ranges due to the M16's 3 round Burst allowing it to fire the 3 rounds fast and accurate, without losing much deviation. This gun is somewhat disadvantageous in Close Quarter Combat due its limited burst, though it is still usable in this case provided the player is calm and accurate with the shots.

Battlefield Play4Free M16A2 Commentary2

Battlefield Play4Free M16A2 Commentary2

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