Veteran's AEK-971

The AEK-971 is an Assault Rifle in Battlefield Play4Free. It's stats are almost identical to the M16A2 its American counterpart. (available as weapon skin, by current game updates)


It mainly depends in the range you hit your target from.

Short range: 25~29

Middle range: 23~27

Long range: 19~23

(weapon damage boost not added once you equip the skin)


Its has very open sights when compared to the M16A2 but the iron sight will take a bit getting used to as, although using less space has a bad design compared to the M16.

Effective Ranges

It's extremly effective from short to long ranges with somewhat moderate recoil. Even if its accurate at longer ranges its recoil may throw you off target, so to optimize accuracy at longeer ranges, it is wise to fire this weapon in bursts.


This weapon has a 35 round Clip with another 60 rounds in reserve. This gun has a reload time of 4.3 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds more than the M16A2.

Battlefield Play4Free AEK-971 Commentary

Battlefield Play4Free AEK-971 Commentary

Battlefield Play4Free beta Karkand gamplay2

Battlefield Play4Free beta Karkand gamplay2

A video wihout comments but more about the weapon

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