The Uzi is an Israeli submachine gun designed in the early 1940s and issued in 1954 by Major Uziel Gal. In the Battlefield Play4Free world, it is one of the many submachine guns available exclusively for the Engineer Class. The Uzi has a moderately high rate of fire with fairly low accuracy, power, and range. It may be rented for 300 credits per day, and can be bought permanently by either Battlefunds or Credits.


  • The Uzi submachine gun is incredibly successful in real life, selling to military and police forces more than any other machine gun ever made. This is especially so when the weapon has been in service for over sixty years.
  • The Uzi submachine gun is capable of being operated with a single hand as a sidearm. Although it can also be defined as a machine pistol, it was probably defined as a submachine gun and allocated to the Engineer Class for balance purposes.
  • The Uzi can mount another sight upon it within the Battlefield universe, while in real life, this would be technically impossible due to the charging handle being on the top of the weapon.