SV 98
The SV 98 is a weapon used by the Recon class in Battlefield Play4free.

This is the default, bolt-action, sniper rifle you start off with.


Damage inflicted heavily depends on the range from which you are shooting your target form

Short range : 52~64 (Headshot: 109~134)

Medium range: 49~57 (Headshot: 102~119)

Long range: 36~42 (Headshot: 75~88)

Headshot damage modificator: x2.1 initial domage


Its zoom is not really good for LONG Ranges.


Its scope is better suited for short to mid-ranges since its zoom is not really powerful. However, it can be used some times for long ranges, but it will take skill and a bit of luck to calculate the bullet drop and consider movement of the target


Its an bolt action sniper, meaning that after you shoot you will have to unzoom to pull the bolt back before firing again. The time taken to ready the rifle to fire again means recoil doesn't exist.

Shots to kill a enemy

Like most of the Bolt action sniper rifles in Battlefield Play4Free, it takes 2 body shots to kill an enemy from short to mid-range or otherwise 1 head shot to kill.

Short range : 2 bodyshots , 1 headshot

Medium range : 2~3 bodyshots , 1 headshot

Long Range: 3 bodyshots or 2 headshots

Effective Ranges

Its a good starting weapon as Its very effective from short to medium ranges , Not very good for long ranges (it is easily outsniped by the M95 in long range). However, experienced players can get good headshots from long ranges.


This weapon has a 4 round mag and by default, max ammo of 16.

Max Ammo With "Increase Sniper Rifle Ammo lvl1" : 4 rounds per mag and a max of 20 bullets (level 1 skill gives you +1 mag)

Max Ammo With "Increase Sniper Rifle Ammo lvl2" : 4 rounds per mag and a max of 24 bullets (level 2 skill gives you +2 mag) Source: April 14, 2011 Update

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