The SVU-A is a sniper rifle. But this sniper rifle is an auto firing weapon. Made by Russia. You don't normally see this type of sniper rifle don't you?

Ammo Edit

The weapon has 20 bullets in its magazine and has 3 mags which makes you have 60 mags in all. Put Viper mags and will give you 3 more bullets in its magazines. Get casket mags and it will give you 6 more bullets in the magazines. Stingray mags give you 5 more bullets. Reload is slow, the reload time is 5.5 which is really bad.

Damage Edit

The SVU-A has high damage for an automatic weapon. At close range, it does 38-32 damage. In medium range, it does 29-25 damage. At long range, it does 22-18 damage. The damage drops really low for long range but for medium and close range, it's pretty beast.

Recoil Edit

For recoil, the recoil goes to the right. It's like the AUG and it's gonna be hard killing an enemy going to the left so make those shots count. But you have an advantage with people going to the right. People hate the recoil unless you manage it.

Other weapon info Edit

Velocity for this weapon is 450 which is like an average for a sniper rifle and you need to aim higher for longer ranges. Rate of fire of the SVU-A is 428 which is low but not that low. It's pretty much like the L85A2. The zoom for this weapon for the scope is 2.21 . And the scope is the standard sharpshooter scope.

Others Edit

To unlock this weapon, you need to be level 6 which is pretty good because this weapon is ok because of its damage and ammo is pretty average. Or you can pre-buy it which is pretty dumb to do. To buy this weapon, you need 1249 funds or 45000 credits in order to have it forever.

I would call this weapon the L85AEKAUG Because the L85 and AEK have really good damage and another reason why I call it an AEK is because of the Bullets per magazine. And I call it the AUG is because of the recoil of course