Motion Sensor
The Motion Sensor is a small motion detecting ball owned by the Recon class. It covers a small area and transmits the enemy movement in this area with red dots with arrows.

The AoE (Area of Effect) of the motion sensor is very small without the motion sensor training which is in the tier 1 training of the Recon. At max level the area will become at least mediocore. Also at max level, whenever the motion sensor you throw has run out another one becomes available immediately.

It can often be used with flanking tactics as it depicts the direction of the enemy.

Duration and Skill use time reduction

The duration of the Motion Sensor scaning is 29sec.

As a recon you have an skill that reduces the time that you need to wait to use the Sensor again.

Default "respawn" time : 59sec.

"Respawn" time with the skill in LVL1 : 56sec. (theres a reduction of 3sec.)

"Respawn" time with the skill in LVL2 : 52sec. (theres a reduction of 4sec.)

"Respawn" time with the skill in LVL3 : 44sec. (theres a reduction of 8sec.)

"Respawn" time with the skill in LVL4 : 32sec. (theres a reduction of 12sec.)


If you look at the scope aiming you will see the motion sensor and if you look at the radar at the top right corner you will see a small green circle,That is the area that the sensor scout. If any enemy moves in that green are it will be shown as a little orange icon.

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