The Medic is a unique solidier on the Battlefield. He has the unique ability to heal himself and team members with a Medic Box and revive his fallen comrade with the Combat Defibrillator.


The Medic's unique weapon is the LMG (Light Machine Gun), usually the attributes of the LMG's are that it carries a large number of rounds in a belt and a large amount of ammunition in resverve and thus able to keep up the firing with out any reloading or interruption. The drawback of this weapon is the reloading times are longer than most weapons the other classes have.

The Medics can also wield Shotguns, like every other class. Extremely effective at close ranges but can be next to useless from afar.

These are the 2 weapon choices a player can make for his Medic.


The role of a Medic is simple. Keep your team in top shape and revive the fallen. A Medic is the most important soldier on the battlefield, they can spell the fate of an offensive or turn a crumbling defence in to a formidiable wall. Broken down Medics are the key to turn the tide of the battle, the more men revived on the frontlines the more they will push on.