The MP7 is a weapon for Engineer class that can be purchased for 300 Credits for one day. It has very low recoil, but has a huge damage dropoff at longer range.


Close range 24-28

Medium range 19-23

Long range 9-13


The MP7's sights are easy to use and very open allowing a good peripheral vision.

Effective Ranges

The MP7 is an excellent weapon at close range. Its very low recoil allows it to be used at medium and even long range. However, at longer range, the damage dropoff will become more apparent and it will take more hits to kill an enemy, which may put the player at a disadvantage when facing an Assault and Recon class at longer range.


The MP7 has 30 rounds mags with 90 rounds in reserve, like most assault rifles. However, one of its main advantage is its very quick reload time of 3.05 seconds.

Battlefield Play4Free MP7 Commentary

Battlefield Play4Free MP7 Commentary