"A 6 round revolver revered for its close range edge and notable Magnum firepower. Its top break design is a throwback to old 6-shooters of the "Wild West"."

The MP-412 Rex is a Russian double-action revolver designed by IZHMECH. In the Battlefield Play4Free world, it is the only current revolver as of the moment, inflicting the second most amount of damage of any pistol next to the Desert Eagle. It costs 1500 credits to rent for one day and can be permanently unlocked via Battlefunds.

battlefield heroes e melhorEdit

The MP-412 Rex, while one of the most powerful weapons in Battlefield Play4Free, has the slowest rate of fire and a considerable reload time amongst all sidearms. The cylinder can chamber six rounds at a time with fifty-four loose rounds being carried upon the character. Due to the weapon's high damage, low rate of fire, slow reload, and slightly longer range, the MP-412 acts more so like a second primary weapon rather than a sidearm. Being considered a sidearm, however, the MP-412 is not class specific.


  • The MP412 Rex is now rewarded to players via Battlefield's Facebook and Twitter events. Battlefield selects three random winners and sends them codes for 30 day MP-412 Rex's.
  • The MP-412 in reality has been in limited production. This is due to the lack of interest within the market.