The Belgium made Light Machine Gun is a very reliable and easy to operate gun. It's high cycling rate provides a exceptional round on target. In the US Armed Forces it is known as the M249 and is currently their standard issue squad automatic weapon.

The M249 SAW is availiable only to the Medic kit. It was originaly availiable in the Closed Beta along with the UMP 45, but was removed as it was an "exclusive." It was later released again, just before open beta, along with the UMP 45. Along with the UMP 45, once released for the second time just before Open Beta, it recieved a boost, giving it more damage and a larger belt. It is a Battlefund only weapon. It is also availiable as part of the Medic Starter Kit, giving it to a new player with a medic soldier for one day, along with MP412 REX pistol.

Holosight M249 SAW

An upgraded version of the M249 SAW was released with an attached Holographic sight.