The M24 (Standard US Sniper Rifle)

This weapons is used by the Recon class in Battlefield Play4free.

Bolt action Sniper Rifle. You can rent this weapon with credits from 1 to 3 days , and you can buy it forever with BattleFunds or rent it for 30 days with BattleFunds


It mainly depends in the range you hit your target from.

Short range: 61-70'

Middle range: 50-60'

Long range: 49-51


Its scope is not really good for long ranges because of its magnification, but this weapon can handle the job to get kills from long range with spotted enemies.

Its scope is made for short to middle ranges since its magnification is not really powerful but It can be used for long rages, Its scope is not too confusing and calculating bullet drop with it is easy.


Shots to kill an enemy

As most of the Bolt action sniper rifles in Battlefield Play4Free it takes 2 body shots to kill an enemy from Short to Middle Range and 1 head shot to kill from both.This weapon can kill enemies from a long range with headshots

Short range : 2 body shots , 1 headshot

Middle range : 2 body shots , 1 headshot

Long Range: 2-3 Body shots , 1 headshot

Effective Ranges

It''s a good weapon It's extremely effective from short to middle range. In skilled hands, it can be a great weapon to take out other snipers and if you are fast and have a nice timing and calculation of bullet drop, it would be easy to take out an M95 shooter at long range or a running target.


This weapon has a 6 rounds mag with default max ammo of 18 bullets.'

Default Max Ammo : 6 rounds per mag max ammo of 18 bullets(this means34 mags of 6 rounds,adding the starting mag)

Max Ammo With "Increase Sniper Rifle Ammo lvl1" : 5 rounds per mag and a max of 25 bullets(this means 5 mags,adding the starting mag,lvl 1 skill gives you +1 mag)

Max Ammo With "Increase Sniper Rifle Ammo lvl2" : 5 rounds per mag and a max of 30 bullets(this means 6 mags,adding the starting mag,lvl 2 skill gives you +2 mag)

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