Us jet
This is a one seater fighter jet used by the US and currently has 500 HP

The F-35 is almost identical to its russian counter part in terms of damage but it can be outmanavured by the Mig (Assuming both pilots are equally skilled) due to the Mig's smaller turning radius, despite having a larger turning radius, the reaction time of the F-35 is unmatched, when compared against the Mig 29 the F-35 takes much less time to do a complete barrel roll which a skilled pilot will take great advantage of that when setting up sudden sharp turns to counter the Mig 29's manavurbility.

This Fighter Jet carries a MG, 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder heat seeking missiles, 2 MK-82 Dumb Bombs and flares. To fly the F-35 a person must have spent a talent skill in the Jet Pilot Training talent first.

The F-35 trades manavurbility for VSTOL capabilities. To use the VSTOL ability to hover, hold down the reverse key (S by default)

There seems to be a bug when killed by the F-35, the silhouette of the F-35 in the killcam is actually an F-15E Eagle.

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