Dragon Valley is the newest map in Battlefield Play4Free, being released July 10th, 2011. It is a large map featuring all types of vehicles except jets. It also includes a new type of helicopter: the Littlebird (US) and Z-11w (RU). They are both fast and manuverable helicopters, armed with two static front mounted guns. (Miniguns for US, heavy machine guns for RU) The Littlebird/Z-11w can hold three people: the pilot, firing the Miniguns/HMGs and flying; and two pasengers, using what ever weapon they are using in thier kit.

The map itself is the same as it's Battlefield 2 counter-part, but is slightly smaller and is raining heavly. Therefore, it can hard to see into the far distance.

In this map, the vehicles have jungle camo paint instead of desert camo in other maps.

Dragon Valley

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