On Decemember 1st, weapon customizations were released. All the current weapons excluding gadgets, pistols, and shotguns, were nerfed could be then buffed using the new customizations. If you had bought the permanent version previously, you get the Elite Legacy modicifations, this is currently the only way to aquire them. Elite Legacy mods revert the weapon to the way it was before December 1st, and are usually better than most of the other mods combined.



CQC Ammo

Soft Point Ammo

Hi-Power Ammo

Casket Mags

High Capacity Mags

High Capacity Mags

Extra Magazines

Elite Legacy Magazines


Stand-off Barrel

Close-in Barrel

Precision Barrel

Heavy Barrel

Elite Legacy Barrel


Balanced Stock

Precision Stock

Tactical Stock

Stabilized Stock

Elite Legacy Stock



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