Watch out engineers, this C4 packs a punch and may steal your vehicle kill!


C4 Charge

The assault class' C4 charge

The C4 is an explosive charge that can be put anywhere (yes, really) on any surface. Many players enjoy putting these charges on vehicles, driving around, and blowing them up on other players/vehicles. The C4 comes in handy against any vehicle, basically. For example, if your team has no engineers but a lot of assaults, it is likely that some of them have C4s to take down any vehicles/tanks.


You need to be atleast be a level 12 assault class to unlock this useful C4.


1. Put a C4 on the front of any vehicle, find OTHER vehicles, switch positions (in your vehicle) to a spot where you can blow the charge. When you get near or next to the enemy vehicle, blow it up, and get the heck outta there!

2. Plant C4s all over a frequently-used road (crossroads, anywhere where enemies spawn often) and hide. Make sure to be able to see the C4s and near it. Wait for the enemy vehicle to get near it, and blow it up.

C4 Blowing Up Like A Boss

C4 Blowing Up Like A Boss

3. Find a stationary enemy vehicle. Then, plant C4s all over it, and walk away while pressing F.