The new Tier 3 has 4 new gadgets the one for assault is C-4 explosives. It is a great explosive that you can restock. When you use C-4 you should put it at a base such as flag alpha (Flag A) on Sharqi. When you place C-4 at a flag put it wherever the boundariues are where you can blow someone up and defend the flag. Such as if you place it at alpha on Sharqi, you should wait until you hear the person say we have lost the fire base then if you have the C-4 where the flag is being captured at you blow the C-4 up then let your forces recapture that flag.

       It is also great at destroying tanks and using as a suicide bomber. For suicide bomber you place it on any vehicle and drive into a apc or tank then jump out of the vehicle  and then press the detonater and it will kill the apc.

If you want this gadget you have to have ten training points on gadget expertise and then have more training points to get C-4.