The Little-Bird is a highly agile and manovurable helicopter. It has 2 mini guns attatched to it and has flares.

The Little-Bird is more than capable of taking out other helicopters and anything low armored including APCs.

Despite all the positives, the AH-6 has very low health and cannot survive as long as other aircraft and is extremely vulnerable to small arms fire. It might even crash if you touch the ground.

The AH-6 can seat 3 players. A Pilot and 2 passengers.

The passengers sit on the outside with most of their body exposed and can be a dangerous postion to be in if someone decides to shoot at the passengers.

Player's Roles

The Little-Bird is built to insert infantry in tight places where no other veichles can enter and to take out infantry and light vehicles by strafing them.

The Pilot should be constantly be on strafing runs or focusing on opposing helicopters.

An Engineer can also drop mines in high traffic roads without sacrificing their life, and fire the RPG. The Recons can do the same with Claymores.